Residential Services

Remodeling & Renovations:

Do you need renovations to your older electrical systems in your house?
Do you need new electrical outlets or wiring in your new house or room addition?

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Panel Change / Service Upgrade:

Is Your Panel Safe? Is Your House At Risk Of Fire?

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Smart Home Technology:

Are you ready to see some of the advantages that Smart Home Technology has to offer?

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Lightning Protection – DID YOU KNOW?

….More than 18,000 homes are damaged or destroyed each year by lightning? Annual property loss reaches into the hundreds of millions of dollars.
…Plug-in surge protectors don’t always protect your computers and other household electronic systems?
…Trees do not protect? They frequently provide a path for lightning to follow into your home or building.

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Service Calls / Misc. Repairs:

Laswell Electric Company understands at times you may need to get maintenance to your current fuse, breakers, or circuits or something has broke and you are not sure how to fix it. Laswell Electric Company provides our clients with repair services at a quick turnaround.

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