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Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology is a large upgrade that more and more people are looking into. These upgrades are not only excellent investments with long-term rewards, but also help your home stand out from the rest.

Smart technology can change your homes functionality and allow access at your fingertips with your smart phone. Laswell Electric Company keeps up with the most up to date technologies and training when it comes to installation.

Advantages of Smart Home Technology

Energy Savings

  • Smart light switches
  • Smart thermostats
  • Water temperature sensors

Peace of Mind Security

  • Video monitoring
  • Smart locks
  • Lighting come on automatic at night and off in the morning

Lighting Control

  • Automatic outdoor lighting at night
  • One touch lighting no matter where you are
  • Dimming from your fingertips

Music Control

  • Link with Alexa or Google to listen to your favorite tunes

Total Home Control

Set up automated application – “Watch TV” can turn on the audio/video equipment, begin piping audio through the built-in surround sound speakers, close the window coverings, dim the lights, lock the front door. It is TOTAL home control at the tips of your finger, or even voice!

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