Electrical Panel Upgrade / Replacement: How Will It Improve My Home?

by | Aug 7, 2022

Does an outdated electrical panel plague your home? If the electrical panel in your house is over 25 years old, it’s advised that you upgrade or replace the unit, along with any old electrical outlets. As well as avoiding an unnecessary exposure to potential electrical danger by overloading your system, there’s also a whole host of other advantages to upgrading or replacing your electrical panel.

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Improve Your Home – Today!

A brand-new electrical panel isn’t just for peace of mind, it’ll also improve your home in more ways than one. Read on to find out how:

  • Ensures you have a sufficient supply of clean electricity whenever you need it
  • Safeguards your electronics from any potential damage and even eliminates one of the most common electrical fire hazards
  • Avoid other potential threats from falsely wired or overloaded circuits
  • Best supports the most recent appliances and technology equipment
  • Investing in an electric panel can increase your home’s value and will be a unique selling point for potential buyers

The added value of bolstering your electrical panel speaks for itself! But, how do you know when yours is ready for its own renovation? If you notice any of these problems with your electrical panel at home, then to ensure your safety, we recommend a licensed electrician look at your system.

Here are a few scenarios in which you’ll definitely want the advice of a certified electrician:

Federal Pacific Panels

If you have a Federal Pacific Panel (aka FPE, pictured below) you’ll want to get it replaced ASAP.  You can find plenty of supporting information on Youtube or from our friends at Safe and Sound Electric on why, but any home inspector who checks your home or a home you’re looking to buy should tell you that panel has to be replaced immediately for safety reasons.

A dangerous Federal Pacific Electric Panel

You should check your electrical panel now and ensure you don’t have a dangerous Federal Pacific panel, if in doubt, call a licensed electrician to help you determine.

Water Damage

It’s no surprise that water isn’t your electrical panels best friend! In fact, if water manages to get inside then the outcome won’t be pretty, unfortunately. The moisture is likely to corrode the wiring, potentially rust the circuit breakers and encourage chalky-white corrosion build-up on the screw terminals.

Mouse Droppings

These critters may be small, but their impact can be huge on the successful running of your home. Much like they do cheese, mice like to nibble their way through cables and wires. You may notice this if a few of your outlets promptly stop working. Paired with flickering lights from the damage, this could be a potential fire hazard that you’ll want to fix ASAP.

Damaged Wires

Ew! If you begin to notice a burning smell, however faint or intense, then it could be a sign that your wires have been damaged with your electrical panel. This is a tell-tale sign that your system is dangerously close to overloading – something that you want to avoid at all costs and can speak to our trusted team about at Laswell Electric Company for advice and help.

Flickering or Dimming Lights

Ever been caught unawares by a strange flickering light in your house? The good news is that it’s not likely to be haunted! More so, your electrical panel is overloaded and on the brink of shutting down. 

Home Habits

A very simple reason you may consider a quick, reliable upgrade from Laswell Electric Company is because you need more power in your home. This may be due to the purchase of a modern home entertainment system for your family, or because you’ve invested in a brand-new ‘working from home’ workspace kitted out with the latest technology.


Aging Equipment

Like us all, electrical panels begin to slow down towards the end of their life. Although most electrical panels will last 25-40 years, power surges and wear and tear can and will affect its lifespan and is something to take into consideration.

Likewise, if you live in an older home, or you’re thinking about buying an older property, then chances are you’ll need to factor in the investment of an electric panel replacement.


Fast, Reliable Service from Laswell Electric Company.

Unsure whether your home needs an electrical panel upgrade or replacement? We can help and advise you on the best action to take to ensure a safe, continuous service from your electric panel. After all, who wants to be left in the dark?

With decades of experience, we’re the experts at Laswell Electric Company. For support with your electrical panel, call our friendly, professional team today. We’re available to answer any questions you may have regarding your personal requirements, and offer a fast, reliable service in the Louisville area.