What Are the 5 Benefits of a Lightning Protection System?

by | Jan 2, 2023

Whether you’re a new or long-time homeowner, lightning protection systems are essential to your home, especially during the rainy season. They protect you from the devastating effects of lightning, such as electrocution, fires, and damage to electrical and communication wires. These security systems can also reduce the chances of injury to other people and animals nearby. 

However, it’s an underrated component for new homeowners during their home-improvement projects. If you’ve recently moved into your new house, this article will enumerate why a residential lightning protection system is a worthwhile investment for your property. 

1. Protect Electronics from Surges 

Electronics are essential for your daily life. They help you learn, work, and communicate efficiently while ensuring you stay entertained. And for this reason, you must protect them from hazards like lightning. 

Lightning protection systems can save your home from lightning damage by redirecting the electrical current from the home’s wiring, circuit breakers, electrical appliances, and other plugged electronics. 

They’ll also protect your expensive electrical equipment, preventing potentially expensive and frustrating repairs. Replacing a house’s wiring can be costly, ranging from $8,000 to $15,000. Appliances, computers, and other smart devices can cost differently depending on their quality.

2. Boost Property Value

Besides protecting your valuables, installing a residential lightning protection system can also help increase your property. The exact amount of the increase will vary based on the home’s condition and location. While this security system may not have the same value as a kitchen renovation, we recommend getting a lightning protection system because it can boost your property’s worth.

3. Reduce Homeowners’ Insurance Premiums 

Homeowners may also secure a lower rate on their insurance policy after installing a lightning protection system. Some insurance companies provide a discount for these systems, which can amount to a 3 percent decrease in premiums. Others consider this system an additional layer of security for the house, making it eligible for a price reduction.

This discount helps homeowners cut the installation costs for a lightning protection system. Contact your current insurance provider to determine if this discount is available. Otherwise, find an independent agent to help you find someone who offers this discount. 

4. Reduce the Risk of Explosions

Lightning strikes can cause explosions in homes with installed corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST). This material is popular for homeowners’ piping systems because they’re flexible. However, one downside of CSST is it’s also vulnerable to lightning damage. This damage can lead to heat generation, causing the gas inside to explode. 

However, you might need to install CSST if your home uses gas-powered appliances. Fortunately, you can protect the piping from lightning and other potential risks by installing a residential lightning protection system. 

Always work with a reputable electrician with this home investment because they have the right experience and knowledge. They’ll also ensure your lightning protection system complies with the local building codes and regulations. Moreover, a professional will help you find the right one to protect your piping systems. 

5. Reduce the Risk of Fires

Lightning protection systems channel lightning from a home’s structure into the ground to protect the building and its inhabitants. Otherwise, the lightning will directly go below through electrical or plumbing systems, causing metals to heat up and combust nearby materials. 

Installing lightning protection systems can reduce the risk of fires and protect your property, belongings, and other people. 

Building a Safe Home

A lightning protection system can help homeowners enjoy a safer property during the rainy season. Working with a reputable electrical contractor to install your security system can help ensure your valuables and loved ones stay safe. 

If your home needs lightning protection in Louisville, KY, we can help. Laswell Electric Company Inc. has been providing the area with professional electrical and installation services since 1995. Reach out today, and let us help you enjoy a safer home during thunderstorms!