When Lightning Strikes, Be Prepared with a Lightning Protection System

by | Apr 21, 2022

Every year, lightning strikes 25 million times in the U.S. While serious injury and death are certainly concerning, damage to buildings can cause power outages, fires, or environmental hazards that disrupt regular business operations. The total cost of downtime and repair caused by lightning strikes totals between $8-10 billion each year. By working on preventative measures such as a lightning protection system, you can keep both your employees and your building safe and free from harm. 

Property and business owners have many things to keep in mind, so it’s understandable that lightning protection may not be something you think about very often. However, it’s critical to protect the structures we rely on daily and in emergency situations. Although uncommon, lightning strikes can threaten the integrity of buildings and homes and cause harm to people and property. With spring comes warmer weather and more chance for thunderstorms. Prepare your building for the season by investing in a lightning protection system.

What is Lightning Protection?

A lightning protection system is designed to safely carry lightning currents to the ground without damage to the protected structure. Lightning protection involves detecting, grounding, and defending against lightning strikes. 

A typical system will consist of air terminals (lightning rods) and ground terminals which are connected together with low impedance conductors. These conductors are usually copper or aluminum as are other components of the Lightning Protection System. These metals and their alloys are specified not only for their electrical conductivity but also for their corrosion resistance qualities.

A properly designed Lightning Protection System will also take into consideration the myriad of electronic devices found in today’s homes and businesses. Surge protection devices should be provided to guard against unwanted electrical disturbances from entering the structure via the electrical, cable television, telephone or data lines.

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